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Aerial Photography | Promotional Films | 3D Simulations

We offer a variety of creative and innovative services, from aerial photography using professional drones through 3D simulations to the production of promotional films, always taking into account the customer's vision. Using technology and equipment from the world's leaders. we strive to take the visual production to the next level. Check out our services  and contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


3D simulations are an impressive and powerful visual tool designed to present a real estate project before or during its construction as if it had already been built and stood on its own.

The simulation is embedded on top of real aerial photography and helps  illustrating and marketing projects and thus creating an outstanding tool for promotion. 

we use cutting-edge technology which enables significant savings in production costs and amazing powerful imaging.

For examples from our portfolio

Producing a successful commercial  film is a complex task that requires above all - creativity. In the challenging competition for the attention of the target audiences, we always adhere to an original idea for a script and cinematic photography.
The work procedure is orderly: clarifying the client's needs, in - depth research of
the subject on which the film will be produced and more. You can trust us to continue working until we get the desired result while adhering to schedules and budget framework. If you have any questions, read more about the commercial film production procedure and contact us today 

We own a diverse selection of  professional drones, all registered in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and operated solely under commercial flying license. The UAVs are licensed under an air operations  company  and third party insured. Our specialty is  4K cinematic drone photography.

Flying a professional drone and photographing  while doing so, requires thorough study and a skill acquired over time. Flight for the purpose of cinematic photography also requires extensive knowledge of photography,

the ability to compose and understand the filmed scene 

Interested in an initial quote for the production of a drone simulation?
Send us a 3D file (dwg .max .fdx .obj .3ds.) And we will get back to you soon

Thank you for your inquiry - we will get back to you soon with a quote

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 About me

I founded Studio2 following my great love of cinema.

From a young age I was fascinated by the cinematic medium and it was a while before I made the decision to dare and study cinema and photography. I am always looking for original ideas and influenced by wonderful filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, Paul Greengrass, François Ozon, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch Robert Altman and more.

In a private conversation I had years ago with Arthur Cohn, the film producer who has won six Oscars to date, he told me: "The most important thing before producing a film is the script. If the script is good, the film has a chance."

In 2018, a short film I wrote, directed and produced, was accepted and screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The film is not open for public viewing as it is nominated for admission to other festivals around the world. You can request private viewing at this link .

If there is a positive side to addiction - making movies is my drug.

You are kindly invited  to view my blog on this site.


The dizzying pace of the penetration of cutting-edge technologies film making in general and aerial photography in particular, allowed me to stretch the cinematic work to the limits I could only dream of until a few years ago.

As a holder of a private pilot's license I was aware of the benefits of aerial photography - wonderful shooting angles. And for the downsides - you can not fly low enough. This limitation has been erased by professional UAVs. It is rare today to find a film - from movies through commercials to Hollywood movies in which there is not a significant number of UAV shots.

Already years ago, I realized the potential inherent in photography using UAVs and specialized in the field up to the level of an instructor and tester for CAA UAVs license. (For details click here )

Among other occupations, I lecture about aerial photography at the Open University, and examine a practical examination for flight license applicants.

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Producing films is a rather complex task, I am amazed time and time again how an idea that pops up in a daydream or association (usually not with strenuous thought .. this part is reserved for later) begins to take shape and becomes a film.

In time I chose the great team of professionals I chose to work with. Everyone leads a way in their field and is a full partner and opinionated in the creative process.

Ofer Yair

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Among our customers

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