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We specialize in producing realistic simulations embedded on drone footage. Excellent imaging makes it possible to present a project in it's designated location as if it had already been constructed. It is an impressive and powerful visual tool suitable for construction companies and real estate marketers.

"A picture is worth more than a thousand words"





Stage one is a drone videography of the location.

The task is carefully planned:

the time of shooting, the direction and angle of the light, the duration of the shot and the type of UAV to perform the aerial photography on which we plan to embed the 3D simulation.

The video above depicts

the Beginning of construction

To complete the simulation production, our three-dimensional studio designers create a realistic look to the structure and at the same time tracks the course of the camera until a final result is obtained. The animated film can appear as a unique film or  imbedded  in a promotional film.

in the video above, The construction of the structure takes place  in 18 seconds..  all that is left is to choose a floor and an office..

The Architects' Office is preparing a three-dimensional drawing that can be viewed from 360 degrees.

In our editing studio, the file becomes a frame called in professional parlance: WIRE FRAME. The drawing shows the boundaries of the structure as a dense network of lines. Our graphic designers gives the drawing  a realistic look according to the architect's vision.

We work with leading architectural firms and specialize in characterizing photography in an area designated for construction and development, assimilating the simulation on top of an aerial photography until a final video is obtained. We emphasize that this is a real life videography on which a virtual reality is embedded.

The  image we received for the purpose of performing the simulation    

Real estate project planning processes always initiates in an architect's office. the  planning usually includes a two-dimensional simulation  image consisting of super realistic features but nevertheless is limited to  a viewing angle which was predetermined by the designer. For example: a beautiful office building of the Israeli  Airports Authority whose construction has begun, located n proximity to the  Ben-Gurion Airport's airspace

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 More 3D simulations