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Family documentaries

Each of us has a personal and fascinating life story

we have set up a department for the production of personal family documentaries

Allow each family member to experience your personal life story: Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad and other relatives

We will produce a private family documentary for you that will include in-depth research and will be accompanied by archival photos and videos.

Interviews with family members from the country and overseas (certainly possible in Zoom) and integrating your personal life story with that of your children, grandchildren and other family members in family history along with national and global historical events.

A wonderful gift that will accompany the whole family for generations.

סרטי תעודה משפחתיים I Family documentries

סרטי תעודה משפחתיים I Family documentries

Watch Now

The film in front of you is the life story of the late Rabbi Dr. Pesach Schindler, produced by his son, Adv. Avi Schindler, commemorating one year of his passing.

The fascinating life story of Rabbi Pesach and his brother, Dr. Reuben Schindler begins in their childhood  in Munich, Germany on the eve of World War II and depicts the story of smuggling the two young boys to the United States by the wondrous enterprise founded by philanthropist Wilfrid Israel - The Kinder Transport. The film was adopted by some of the Jewish education systems in Israel and around the world as part of the heritage lessons of the Jewish people.

סרט לזכרה של עורכת הדין מגשרת העל דפנה רוזן זינגר ז"ל

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