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Documentary and geographical press photographer for over 35 years for leading magazines in Israel and around the globe. In his many travels around the world he documented in his unique style Human portraits, landscapes, history and life stories. Explored and created a direct acquaintance with exotic and remote civilizations and cultures. Leads groups and photography trips to selected destinations he knows closely, initiated and curated photography exhibitions and presented in many individual and group exhibitions in Israel and around the globe. Moshe edits photo books and has published the book "They Say There Were Happy Times Here" about the 1980s, as well as lecturing on many and varied topics in colleges and cultural institutions around the country.


Air Force veteran, owner and founder of "Studio 2", a company that specializes in commercial aerial photography and promotional film production. Director, musician, editor and film producer. 

Has extensive practical experience in performing photo flights and film production for large companies and organizations. Holder of an American pilot's license, UAV pilot license up to 25 kg, multi-blade  No. 409, CAA air operation license and commercial air operation from the Ministry of Transportation.

Graduate of the Open University "Exposure" School in the Cinematography, Directing and film production. The film "OXYGEN" he wrote and directed was screened at the CANNES Film Festival in France  and the CHELSIE  film festival NY in 2018. 

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James Doe

Yosef Schaleset

Yosef Schaleset is a professional video photographer. graduate of the Film and Television School "MAALA", 2006-2010. Has over 13 years of experience of filming TV series, documentaries, promotional films, music videos and commercials. An expert in artistic photography using stabilized cameras (Gimbal) with extensive experience in setting up and operating a photography set which includes lighting, sound recording and team management.

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